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Overview of Services

The Alliance for Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities assists individuals in their daily living which encompasses an array of activities both in the home and in the community:
ABDD specializes in group homes for individuals with an array of diagnosis who present challenging behaviors. Safety is paramount and our trained staff are able to support individuals during difficult times. ABDD provides supervision 24/7. Staff form rapport by building relationships with the individuals. ABDD works with individuals with an empathetic view, understanding that problematic behaviors are bound to occur and they provide the needed support throughout. Recognizing and minimizing antecedent behaviors prior to crisis is a forefront in attempt to reduce incidents. The primary goal of both ABDD and its individuals is to improve their quality of life through learned self-regulation to modify and reduce behaviors.

Individuals increase independence and the quality or their life independence through improving daily living skills while in the home. They have the opportunity to work on such skills as culinary, hygiene, household responsibilities, etc.. with staff assistance as needed. They may also enjoy leisurely activities in their personalized home setting.

An informal socialization program is offered to individuals as an opportunity to socialize with peers in a structured setting. The program is offered daily throughout the weekday.
Community integration is important – individuals will have the opportunity to participate in desired outings with staff supervision, as needed.

Visitation with friends and family is encouraged and is facilitated by ABDD to provide transportation and supervision as needed. The individual has regular access to make phone calls.

Opportunities to volunteer locally are available to individuals. ABDD links these services upon their request to increase contribution to the community they live in while promoting generosity and responsibility.

ABDD has relationships with local businesses who provide recreational activities and are available to the individuals.

ABDD works with the individuals in a variety of creative and person-centered ways to assist them in managing their own behavior. Behavioral Specialists provided Behavior Support Services for those in need. Office personnel and direct support staff provide additional emotional supports through the use of such interventions as stress ball techniques, social stories, progressive muscle relaxation, etc. to prompt healthy coping skills and reduce anxiety.