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Community Living Arrangement

The Alliance for Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities provides specialized Community Living Arrangement (CLA) services primarily for people dually diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges. All direct support staff go through a rigorous training program to provide people with high quality support services. ABDD offers in-agency psychological support services, behaviour supports, and a rapid response emergency services system.

The Alliance for Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities provides “homestyle” housing in a comfortable manner, far from the institutionalized setting. An individual’s home and common areas promote personalization, creating a more therapeutic environment. They are able to enjoy leisurely activities throughout the day. Healthy “Family-style” meals are served to promote socialization through a family approach and quality of health. Based on the persons abilities, they will be given the opportunity to increase independence by working on daily living skills through household chores, hygiene, culinary skills, etc..

Community integration is important and all residents have the daily opportunity to be a part in their community based upon their needs, wishes, and individual-centered plan to enjoy the activities which are important to them. Those who receive our services are involved in the community by using nearby churches, banks, restaurants, parks, libraries, beauty shops, and often attend local sporting events and entertainment, etc. They have the opportunity to seek local employment and receive assistance in coordinating transportation, training, and job skills.

Medical care is provided by local physicians, dentists, clinics, hospitals, and other community medical centers and linked by ABDD personnel.

Program plans are written and tailored to meet individual needs in collaboration with ABDD personnel, the individual, families, school personnel, medical and social service agencies.